Monthly Archives: April 2013

Remember the days when you didn’t have a single care in the world, when you could do what you wish, and your only worries were when you would get fed next, and when the rain would stop?

Sadly, most of the younger generation would probably not remember the second part of the problem – they’ve been brought up in a highly technologicalised environment, and wouldn’t care if it was rain or shine.

But the worries of a child are the same through out centuries – when is the next meal, and play.

And that was life.

Fast-forward to your twenties. Most of you would be pursuing a degree at this point. Those who have chosen to enter the work force early are working, day in, day out, in pursuant of a better tomorrow, signified by a bigger paycheck.

We are all in pursuit of paper.


My computer had a heart-attack recently – the hard drive had been sputtering for a while and it had been sounding like a “dying airplane”, to quote A’s words. And with the increased frequency of the feared Blue Screen of Death (Windows users will know how it feels), I thought it was time to replace the hard drive.

So I got onto Facebook, and posted in one of the many internal groups the students of my university had set up, hoping that someone had a spare I could use.

In amongst the fifty over comments (fueled by my indignity), this is what I realised –

There is something inherently wrong with the education system, and this needs to change.