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After months of experimentation and elusiveness, we were finally ready to bring in our newest batch of test subjects into the realms of The Edge.

The group of 10 selected subjects presented themselves to the facility on the 8th of December, and were put through various tests and experiments, only to prove themselves unworthy of being released from the facility with their mortality intact.

KJeep your eyes peeled on updates for some juicy behind the scenes releases.


Last year’s epic 36 hour Humans Vs Undead Vs Umbrella Corp Vs Militia battle was so utterly enjoyable, we’ve gone and started another infection in preparation for this December. Come the 8th of December, The Edge will once again be transformed into a battle ground of epic proportions, this time featuring Zombies, Humans… and a heap of other scary goodness.

Registrations have started – will you be surviving this apocalypse, or will you be one of the undead?


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