• I like to call myself a “Creationist – Destructionist – Re-creationist” – It pretty much sums up all that I do. I am an artist, a designer, a crafter – a maker of things, doodler of doodles, and all in all, a caffeine and sugar fueled mischief-maker.

    By training, I am a Radiation Therapist and an Interactive & Visual Designer. I tend towards the Designer side though. But if I were to remove the society’s need for labels, and pretend I’m in my little fantasy world where the paper-chase does not exist, I like to think of myself as more of an Artist.
    I’m all about the experience – my experience in the creation of my works, my audience’s experience as the interact with my work, the client’s experience as they embark on a project with me, their audience’s experience as they encounter my works – I don’t believe in leaving anyone out.

    This believe has led to my projects being rather extensive – sometimes, it is almost impossible to take it all in and document every single aspect of it.

    I’m a proud caffeine addict, and take pride in my inability to resist the temptations of new technologies and applications. I would even dare venture to proclaim that I’ve probably blazed through more iOS applications then a normal, sane, human being would have even encountered since the dawn of the iPhone.

    But I’d like to make a point here – I am no Apple fan girl – my dream setup would in fact include both PCs and Linux machines as well – and I’d sit in a well of computer screens, surrounded by my beloved machines.

  • Work Experience

    Fitzwilliam Group Institution

    July – September 2012: Course Coordinator
    March – May 2013: Course Coordinator
    2013: Brisbane Events Management Training Social Media Specialist

    Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane)

    March – June 2012: PASS Tutor for Introduction to Web

    Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy | School of Communication+Design (Singapore)

    May – August 2009 : Marketing & Sales Executive
    February – June 2010 : Operations Executive | Student Coordinator

    Gifted Brain Power (Singapore)

    March – June 2010 : Web Designer

    StreetDirectory Pte Ltd (Singapore)

    November 2009 – January 2010: Project Manager | Search Engine Optimisation Specialist | Content Writer & Coordinator | Photographer | Social Media Executive

    Esteem Mobile (Singapore)

    December 2008 – February 2009 : Web Designer | Web Administrator | Admin & Accounts


    Yim Photography Rebranding

    June 2013 : Graphic Design

    Heart Matters Psychology Branding & Web Design

    February РMay 2013: Graphic Design including Logo & Stationery, Web Design && Administration. 

    Two Trees Espresso Pozible Campaign

    December 2012: Camera, Post-Production

    Zombie Apocalypse at The Edge @ SLQ (Brisbane)

    November – December 2011: Games Design, Set Design, Props Master, SFX Makeup
    June – December 2012: Interaction & Immersion Design, Set Design, Props Master, SFX Makeup

    ECOs (QUT)

    February – April 2012: Interaction Interface Designer (Student)

    Verb – Doing Something (Brisbane)

    September – October 2011 : Web Designer & Administrator


    Other Engagements

    RAW : Natural Born Artist

    Inducted May 2013 : Exhibited as Visual Artist in RAW: Expressions (Brisbane)

    Urban Fabric : Secret Cinema #2

    June 2013 : Exhibiting Artist (Brisbane)

    RAW : Natural Born Artist

    Inducted May 2013 : Exhibited as Visual Artist in RAW: Expressions (Brisbane)

    QUT School of Design  End-of-Year Showcase

    November 2012: Project Manager, Curating

    QUT Student Club – AIV League ( Animation | Interation | Visual Arts)

    Jan – Dec 2012: Club President | Acting Treasurer


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