The Story of Things

A thing that’s a thingy is sometimes a thing And a thingy that’s a thing is surely a thing But a thing that’s a thing is not always a thingy […]

Bad Cat, Bad Mouse

The story goes As Grandma said Things those days Were a little queer… When Thomas Cat died His wife, pregnant, A kitty was born Long after he rot And as […]

RAW: Expressions

It’s official! I’ll be showcasing in RAW: Expressions come May 31st, and I promise that this will be an epic showcase! Get onto RAW: Natural Born Artist now and show […]

In Pursuit of Paper

Remember the days when you didn’t have a single care in the world, when you could do what you wish, and your only worries were when you would get fed […]

The Need to Educate

My computer had a heart-attack recently – the hard drive had been sputtering for a while and it had been sounding like a “dying airplane”, to quote A’s words. And […]

Bee One Third – Urban Bee-Keepers

We were recently presented with the opportunity to interview and film the lovely Kat & Jack from Bee One Third at work, tending to their beloved little bees! Bee One […]

Two Trees – Pozible Campaign

Went out on a shoot on Monday with the lovely couple from Two Trees in West End, in preparation for the launch of their Pozible campaign! I’m rather excited about […]

ZCA : 3rd Outbreak

After months of experimentation and elusiveness, we were finally ready to bring in our newest batch of test subjects into the realms of The Edge. The group of 10 selected […]

Zombie Apocalypse – Will you survive?

Last year’s epic 36 hour Humans Vs Undead Vs Umbrella Corp Vs Militia battle was so utterly enjoyable, we’ve gone and started another infection in preparation for this December. Come […]

What is M.A.D?

One of my first public pieces of writing actually started off as part of my application for my first job at CMA | School of Communication+Design. I was up against […]