The Story of Things

A thing that’s a thingy is sometimes a thing
And a thingy that’s a thing is surely a thing
But a thing that’s a thing is not always a thingy
And a thing that’s a thing isn’t always a thingy

So what is a thing? Is it also a thingy?
What about things that are things but not thingies?
And also those things that are thingies, not things
Are they things too, because they are thingies?

But things are not things and they aren’t always thingies
And thingies aren’t things – they could be just thingies
But things that are things are most definitely thingies
While thingies that are things, maybe they’re thingies?

So what makes up a thing? Is it many things?
Is it nothing at all, or all of the things?
Is everything a thing? Or nothing a thing?
Or are they all thingies, while anything’s a thing?

So goes the story of the history of things
Or is it the thing of history,or the thingy of things?
There are too many things, my heads bleeding things
Or are those all thingies, or something of a thing?




Started off as a way to annoy a friend, and was challenged to turn it into a poem.  Well, this is why you don’t challenge me to write silly things. Because I will.

Bad Cat, Bad Mouse

The story goes
As Grandma said
Things those days
Were a little queer…

When Thomas Cat died
His wife, pregnant,
A kitty was born
Long after he rot

And as Grandma said
As the story goes
Things those days
Were a little bit queer…

The kit had eyes
That were not too sharp
And were quite quite round
And were full of stealth

But Lizzy Cat seemed
Too nonchalant to see
That the little kit
Resembled Thomas Cat none.

And then one night
As Grandma woke
She saw a sight
That was a little bit queer…

Our dear Lizzy Cat
Was cozying up
With the little, pesky
Benjamin Mouse.

So Grandma stood
And silently watched
From behind the shelf
And held her breath.

“Oh my dear Benny Mouse,
Where have you been?
I’m missing you so,
Don’t leave again.”

“Oh my dear Lizzy Cat,
I’ve been many places.
And brought many gifts
They’re waiting for you.”

“My dear Benny Mouse,
Have you seen the kit?
He looks just like you
With his large round eyes.

And the light that glints
From the stealth in his eyes,
Just like yours,
My dear Benny Mouse.”

So Grandma looked hard
At Benny Mouse’s eyes
And looked at the kit
Sleeping at his feet.

“Oh my Oh my,
My poor Thomas Cat.
The kit ain’t his,
OH my OH my!”

His skinny tail
Like Benny Mouse’s,
His tiny frame,
Like Benny’s too.

And the story goes,
As Grandma said
Things those days,
Were more then queer.


A poem I wrote a fair bit back – Thought I’d lost it (I was pretty bummed) but here it is! Still looking to do a picture book to go with it…

In Pursuit of Paper

Remember the days when you didn’t have a single care in the world, when you could do what you wish, and your only worries were when you would get fed next, and when the rain would stop?

Sadly, most of the younger generation would probably not remember the second part of the problem – they’ve been brought up in a highly technologicalised environment, and wouldn’t care if it was rain or shine.

But the worries of a child are the same through out centuries – when is the next meal, and play.

And that was life.

Fast-forward to your twenties. Most of you would be pursuing a degree at this point. Those who have chosen to enter the work force early are working, day in, day out, in pursuant of a better tomorrow, signified by a bigger paycheck.

We are all in pursuit of paper.

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The Need to Educate

My computer had a heart-attack recently – the hard drive had been sputtering for a while and it had been sounding like a “dying airplane”, to quote A’s words. And with the increased frequency of the feared Blue Screen of Death (Windows users will know how it feels), I thought it was time to replace the hard drive.

So I got onto Facebook, and posted in one of the many internal groups the students of my university had set up, hoping that someone had a spare I could use.

In amongst the fifty over comments (fueled by my indignity), this is what I realised –

There is something inherently wrong with the education system, and this needs to change.

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Bee One Third – Urban Bee-Keepers

We were recently presented with the opportunity to interview and film the lovely Kat & Jack from Bee One Third at work, tending to their beloved little bees!

Bee One Third is all about bringing honey bees back to their natural place within the urban setting of Brisbane – Check out their page on Facebook!


Two Trees – Pozible Campaign

Went out on a shoot on Monday with the lovely couple from Two Trees in West End, in preparation for the launch of their Pozible campaign!

I’m rather excited about this one – The campaign’s set to launch on the 1st of January – so watch this space for updates!

ZCA : 3rd Outbreak

After months of experimentation and elusiveness, we were finally ready to bring in our newest batch of test subjects into the realms of The Edge.

The group of 10 selected subjects presented themselves to the facility on the 8th of December, and were put through various tests and experiments, only to prove themselves unworthy of being released from the facility with their mortality intact.

KJeep your eyes peeled on updates for some juicy behind the scenes releases.

Zombie Apocalypse – Will you survive?

Last year’s epic 36 hour Humans Vs Undead Vs Umbrella Corp Vs Militia battle was so utterly enjoyable, we’ve gone and started another infection in preparation for this December. Come the 8th of December, The Edge will once again be transformed into a battle ground of epic proportions, this time featuring Zombies, Humans… and a heap of other scary goodness.

Registrations have started – will you be surviving this apocalypse, or will you be one of the undead?


Register your interest here


What is M.A.D?

One of my first public pieces of writing actually started off as part of my application for my first job at CMA | School of Communication+Design. I was up against a whole slew of fresh Marketing Graduates, trying to get a job as the Marketing and Sales Executive at the school.

The interview itself went quite well – and I was sent home with an “assignment” – to give my two cents worth on what M.A.D (Marketing | Advertising | Design) was to me.

And this, was what I came up with:

Maybe the concept of Marketing, Advertising & Design sounds foreign to you – Maybe you don’t realise how these 3 elements are integrated.

Marketing is the conceptualization of an idea or a product that will serve to benefit potential clients, as well as a set of skills that allow for communication of an idea, or the presenting of a product, to an audience of potential clients. Through aural and visual cues in a good marketing strategy, “want” and impulse can be created in the audience, leading them to respond positively to the ideas or products.

Advertising combines the various elements of design as well as marketing to reach out to an even bigger audience, bringing more potential clients. Through advertisements, the impact of the idea or product can be amplified, therefore crating a more intense feeling of “want” as well as increasing the impulse factor of the potential client.

Design is about using various elements to create visually stimulating and enticing pieces to express and present ideas, as well as to captivate and intrigue audiences. The best designs are able to leave a deep impression on the individual exposed to it therefore allowing the idea presented to be retained in the audience’s memory.

After I got the job, I went on to write a few more pieces along similar lines leading up to one of our campaigns – Madness Unleashed – which was a series of talks conducted by our industry partners and lecturers. You can read the rest here.