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I’m always happy to take on jobs – as long as time allows. If there’s anything you need at all, and you feel that my style(s) suit your needs, feel free to drop me line – I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible, and we can set our plans for world domination straight.

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Collaborations & Projects

My works span across a vast number of fields – from Digital to Analogue, from Illustrations to Special Effects Make -up. I’m always up for collaborations – if you’ve got an awesome idea, give me a shout, and if I like it, you’ve probably found yourself a happy slave.

I’m always on the look out for possible collaborators for various projects I have cooking in my head as well, so, even if you don’t have a project in mind, but would like to be involved in something awesome, keep a look out on my blog section, or just drop me a line with your field of expertise. I’m pretty sure I’ll have something in the pot that we could fish out and accomplish. If not, I’ve got a bunch of awesome people like me who are just bursting at the brims with ideas, and are looking for collaborators.

I’m in the midst of setting up a few small startups – and as they become available, the links will start appearing here. For the moment, the below projects are cooking –

[column2 title=”Cafiend”]

Cafiend is a little all-rounded design & marketing thing that has technically been around since 2008. We used to be known as Aartwolf – some of you may recognise that name. With the addition of new members however, we have morphed into Cafiend. Our website is currently under construction – we promise it will be ready soon. Services we provide include pretty much any design work – from Branding, to Print Design. Our current members are skilled in multiple fields – so we are quite confident we will be able to tackle any projects we’re given.  [/column2]

[column2_last title=”The Corner Shop”]

The Corner Shop has been around the block a fair bit – having been active in Singapore, becoming inactive as I moved to Brisbane, restarted as I settled in Brisbane, took up a cube in the incub8er gallery in Fortitude Valley, started up on Etsy… and then all went to bed again as I got caught up in uni work and other bigger projects. Now that I’ve graduated, a couple of us crafters have come together, and our aim is to take the markets by storm. Watch out for our creations at a market near you soon! And yes, the website is on it’s way.[/column2_last]

[column2 title=”Blackhart Designs”]

Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you that this is one thing were the site is ready and running. You are looking at it now. Blackhart Designs has been long overdue – it should have existed 13 years ago. But as with most sneaky freelancers – I built everyone’s website and kept pushing my own site to the lowest priority. Now that it’s up and running, I promise I’ll keep it updated – but be warned – the focus of Blackhart Designs has shifted since the birth of Aartwolf/Cafiend. This will now be the home of my illustrations – and this will be the main focus of Blackhart Designs.[/column2]

[column2_last title=”Temptations”]

So I like feeding people. And it makes me upset that some dear friends who are gluten-intolerant aren’t able to find tasty noms. And I took that as a challenge – to modify as many of my yummy recipes as possible to be Gluten-free, so that everyone (almost) is able to enjoy the wonderful sweet treats I’ve concocted over the years. At some point I am hoping to turn this whole movement into a cafe – but for now, I’m happy enough running markets and special events when the opportunity presents itself. [/column2_last]



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